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With the Union, I got paid 4 dollars to sort 3 boxes.


can you find all the answers in the demo playthrough?


No, I don't think that's possible.

I figured out most of them by trial and error.

It seems like Question 10 in the quiz is impossible to get the right answer to.


Thanks for the feedback but question 10 definitely has a right answer that works. I've gotten a perfect score on the test hundreds of times while testing.

I've tried all 4 of the possible answers and still got 90 / 100 as a score

It must be that you are getting one of the other questions wrong in that case.

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oh my god ı wasnt expecting that. I discovered this game about 4 hours ago and was playing the demo for 4 hours. I thaught this is a short comedy game but then I figured out that this is one of the best games ıve discovered in itchio. I wish it was cheaper so I could buy It. 10 dollar is fricking expensive in my country :/ anyway, that was awesome!


This is soooo good! I ended up playing all of your games available here. All of them are great!


I've been playing the full digital version for a few days and loving it. It feels like there is so much depth to the world and possible story lines, plus the great art, humor, world building and all the little clues that keep you poking around for how to unlock and discover more.

Highly recommended.

(As Athanasius mentions in another comment, the Send Owl digital distro the publisher uses is kinda junky. Not something a developer usually has much control over though. If you have any kind of javascript blocking make sure to turn it all off before trying to access your downloads, otherwise you might run out of downloads without getting the file. I had 1 left by the time it worked.)


I'm really glad to hear that you like the game so far! I definitely get what you're saying about the digital distribution. I will see what I can do. If anyone loses access to the game after paying for it I will make sure to get it sorted out though.


Just confirmed w Incube8 that the download limit has been removed :)


Thank you, glad to hear it!

Hey I'm new to and i just purchased the digital edition but I'm not sure how to play it? Do people download emulators? Maybe I should purchase a GBC so I can buy the physical edition? (Sorry I'm new to this but I love indie games)

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The main options are:

* Emulator (most will probably work, Emulicious, SameBoy, BGB are among the most accurate). You can often use gamepads with them. Or emulators running on other handhelds / gaming systems.

* On real GameBoy / Color + Everdrive (or equivalent flash drive) which you can load the digital ROM onto

* On real Game Boy + the physical edition cart

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Just purchased the full version. But I wonder: Why is it that there is such a rigid limitation of possible downloads? Why can I only download the game three times? If I purchase something I do expect to have unlimited access to it. Especially as I assume that there will be updates to the game it seems rather unwise to limit downloads in such a way. What happens if I don't have any downloads left and an updated version of the game is released?

I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with the method that my publisher is using for distribution. If you have any problems with downloading the game you can reach out to Incube8 and they will fix it for you. This game is pretty old-school in the sense that since it's being published on a cartridge it was extensively tested before release. It's unlikely that we will have updates unless there is a major bug that was somehow missed.

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Thank you for your reply Ben. That's a relief to hear, thank you. I'll ask the publisher then. By the way: I'm very much enjoying the game on my good old GBC (thanks to EZ Flash)! The atmosphere is impressive, the story original and the production values top notch. You've created a very unique game here! 

I'm glad you are having a good time with it! It's really exciting to see it out in the wild. Original hardware is so beautiful if you have a good light source.

Oh yes, the light source is the main problem with the original hardware. But it's just something very different to play these games on their intended hardware than playing them of any one of the many retro portable devices (Anbernic, Pocket GO etc.).


Just amazing, looking forward to the full version.

The full version is available now.:)

is there a wiki or something for this game? its facinating.

Not yet but maybe someone will make one when the full version comes out


Fantastic demo! The art style was good an I really loved the walk of the characters. Besides that the storyline was interesting and fun too, I’m kind of sad I can’t download the entire game.

Now you can download the whole game!


I've always enjoyed the GBC because it was easy to distinguish the games that seemed to push the limits of the system. This is certainly one of such games, and I absolutely love it! Just like the other comment, I can't get myself to play more than a few minutes of the demo as I don't want to spoil the experience of playing the full game.

Thanks so much! Really excited to start getting the final game out there soon.

this is incredibly incredible cool. I love what you're doing with it, I made myself stop playing the demo because I want to wait for the full game. The design of how the world is connected is just incredibly cool and feels very real, that mixed with the aesthetic is really an amazing thing.

I am very glad you liked it! I can't wait to get the final cartridges in.


Same! Super excited to be able to play the full thing!

Probably my favorite Gameboy game so far, and I mean that out of all games I've ever played. Your work is excellent man! Cannot wait for the full version. Such an innovative concept! I also really liked Opposum Country, please keep up your work.

Thanks so much! That really does inspire me to make more stuff.

this is amazing! Is there I way to preorder the digital version? Or will it be available here on itch? I don’t want to forget to grab it once it’s out also did you make dedeus and pine creek as well? Please keep up the great work hope you get tons of support you can count on mine for one

Deadeus and Pine Creek are by IZMA and Carmelo Electronics. I think we all have the same publisher so that might be the cause for confusion. A digital version should be available at some point.


thank you for taking the time to reply, will be waiting for the digital, woke up this morning thinking how cool the final game is going to be, good luck and be well

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Please tell me this will be released as a rom download when it's finished? It would be such a shame to limit to physical only...I'm willing to bet you'd make much more money selling digital as well as physical too, as well as getting your game played by way more people. Thanks!

edit - I should read all the comments before posting :) Looks like digital release is coming, hurray!




I’m excited to play the full game! Went to preorder the digital edition, but it says it’s sold out. When will more be available?


Can you post the link you are using? As far as I know theres only a physical edition?


I must have been mistaken, because you’re right I only see options to get a physical edition. Sorry for the confusion!


No problem! Thanks for getting back to me about it.


I'm hooked! I can't wait to play the final version. I love the bleak setting. The graphics and music go so well together. I got one win at the horse races and then was immediately robbed lol.


Very impressed with this game. Good luck with the full release!

Thank you!


hello!! cant wait to play the full version!

ive got an issue where i cant seem to buy any drinks from the bartender. i just finished the first day of my factory job and received my paycheck. i can bet on the horses fine though haha (a DUMPY win!!)

I think that is a bug that I fixed for the final version. Sorry about that!

no worries!! just wanted to make sure you knew lol. i hope the release goes well, i preordered the collectors edition, and cant wait for it!! n_n this feels like itll be a very special game!!!


I really love it, Can't wait for the full release! (9/10)

Thank you for the kind words!

Very, very high quality demo!

A bit buggy on the web end however, it keeps saying the Demo finishes in the third act, and sends me to the end screen, then restarts and bugs back to where progress was in the story. I only managed to finish it once as a result, there were numerous cases when I got softlocked playing. Still, with my limited experience, the game was bloody amazing, and keep up the good and hard work Ben!

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Yeah sorry this was an oversight in how I put the demo together. You may be able to play again if you erase your save file on the main menu. The final version is being much more rigorously bug tested. Thanks for playing! Glad to hear that you liked it.

will the final game cost money?

Yes it will. We will have a physical and digital edition.

Ah, okay now i know what to blow off my money on!:D


Amazing game! I can't believe you've done all this with GB Studio's limitations. Is the full game going to have both physical and digital editions? Can't wait!

Yes physical and digital! You can preorder from the website on 2/16. Thanks for playing!

Awesome, thank you!


Obsessed with the music, incredible work ! Can't wait for the full game !

Thanks so much! Lunchz was super happy to read your comment.


I enjoyed playing various scenarios. I like pixel graphics, depressing colors and music which allows to tune my brain to the mood of machine. The whole idea of machine as a micro-society which is deforesting the planet to live is fascinating.

The only thing I worry is that personal views of author may influence game play too much. The most visible example of this is narrator comment, when you aquire a gun after police training. The message is "You got a gun. Now you can murder people". When I hear such a comment from a narrator - which I expect to be objective - I have a funny feeling in my stomach.

I hope final version won't try to moralize people playing this game. Some simplifications are needed for the game to be playable, but I would like to blend a bit such a visible contrast between Mava (left-wing party, strongly positive) and Volf (right-wing party, strongly negative). Maybe final version of the game would show that every power corrupts, no matter if socialist or capitalist?

I wait for the full game to be released. Thank you for such a good experience!

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"You got a gun. Now you can murder people".

I take that as a commentary on police brutality rather than a glorification of violence. In the real world, Police have murdered people in the past, so the game is pointing out that Girt now has a license (his badge and gun) to brutally punish citizens without fear of punishment from the state - like many Police Officers in America. So, to me,  its a sarcastic piss-take on those Officers that think they can get away with murder now that they are a member of the force. To me, this dark joke is the opposite of glorification of violence.


To me this was a joke which I laughed at, and also an indicator that now I have an option of killing

i really like this game! story based games like these have always been my thing and im invested in all the different storylines. i havent played through them all, but everything i have seen so far has been fun (yet tedious where it needs to be - the quota of 15 that was my fault lmao) gameplay and contains interesting plotlines. there are only a few issues ive noticed (mostly dialogue):

  • when youre living with hud, duo asks if you can take some mapota to the arcade owner. if you take it yourself, right in front of him, then speak to him, he thanks you for the delivery
  • in one playthrough i got caught cheating to see what would happen. the first time, the cop uncle says he “heard you left the job fair” (despite girt having just been banned by the teacher) but the second time he said he “heard you flunked.” the first time, the factory worker (gary?) skipped his usual dialogue and said “hope you made the right choice” instead of asking about the factory job. the second time, he used his usual dialogue - and trying to directly recreate the first cheating scenario hasnt worked (the teacher says “im disappointed in you” instead of “cheating was your own decision” like in the first run?)
  • in the vote sorting game, occasionally the votes and boxes disappear but a point is still tallied. this rarely happens and the game progresses as usual afterward, but with one free point

the replayability of the demo alone is huge and im excited to see where this project goes! you are a talented author and creator and i want to wish you luck in completing it :)

Thanks for reporting these bugs. I think that the one for your second run is unique to the demo because its not going through the normal ending logic to get back to the start of the game. The demo should have less bugs if you erase your save.

can you only do the cop or factory stories

In the demo you have to start with one of those two paths but they branch out from there. You can quickly get to a third path by quitting your job.

so can I get in demo that job which is only for students with remarkable test score?

No, not in the demo. Sorry!

I sighned up to be an asasion the police officer, and when I went to the level L it skipped me forward in the story.

Thanks for reporting this! What was the last thing you did before getting skipped forwards and what was the first thing that happened after getting skipped forwards?

I had just agreed to be a hitman for the police trainer, and then went to level L then the policee trainer staerws ralking about volf and stuff. Then I had assasination practice.

Do you remember where you were on the L floor?

the houses

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I think I've found a bug. If you play as an officer and go on the broken rails at level B2, the dialogue with Kalt automatically starts and you go directly to the third act.

I also find it odd that as a policeman I can't try to use my gun when someone tries to rob me (after winning the horse race).

Great demo, I really hope for digital release.

Deleted 2 years ago
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I found it and fixed it. Thanks so much for your contribution!


Great story, atmosphere and dialogs. I’ll be waiting for the full game!

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a neat game, rather blunt about its message but with an engaging world and a amazing opening to put us in the shoes of a no brained down on his luck loser. my only complaints is that the MC looks like a potato chip, the weeds cleaning up could have been shorter and everybody hates HUD for no reason. yeah hes a dick but he's letting you live at his place for free with only two rules. lock the doors, clean up. also my game froze when i gave out flyers on the train. can't continue after but you do have a charm about you that makes me want to buy the game when it comes out. so good luck! I hope when it comes out in full i can become the commie hippie terrorist i always knew a collage dropout me would become.

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How did the game freeze on the train? Was it that the doors didn't open or did it lock up in some other way?

i gave the pamphlet and then the doors opened and i couldn't move no matter what i did.


I love this game and am looking forward to the finished product!

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The world building, storytelling and immersion are all really top notch.

Girt, under my direction, has lived  incredibly varied and interesting lifetimes.

I really enjoyed the clever little branches that were introduced in many dialogues and it was a pleasant surprise to discover that many decisions were not inconsequential but had lasting impact.

Potential Spoilers

The only improvements I would suggest that would have enhanced my own experience would be:

  • The ability to skip sections once completed if all branches have been followed. The factory worker path up to where I got mugged and refused to hand over the chump change. Sorting all those boxes again and signing everyone up for the union...I just can't right now.  I understand I may not have decided to help the union or whatever and that would have changed the available options so I can see it being a tricky request. The same to get to the police office / fixer branch. Some of the academy mini-games were pretty brutal. I understand there is value in re-playability but I just found my first 8 or so minutes of game play to be a rinse and repeat of the dialogues and choices to get to the same branch points.
  • A fast travel for the train sequence unless there is a new interaction available.
  • A few of the mini-games in the web version had controls that were a little unresponsive. I noticed it most on the police academy hurdle course (the first race always seems more clumsy than the second...that might be by design) and target shooting. The target shooting the X axis targets would sometimes be awkward to get to and I was wondering if it was even possible to pass the test or if it was used to force you to quit becoming a police officer. The ballot switching was also a little strange but that just might have been me.
  • It would have been great to know what dialogue options were decisions that impacted the story, and even what options had been previously selected.

All in all a really nice experience that was really enjoyable.

I ended up:

-As a squatter that was kicked out for Mapota addiction

-A fixer

-A police officer that was liberal with the use of the truncheon and was investigating a dead body in the acid

-Being Killed by a thief after winning the horse race

- An artist that both sold a painting and made the mistake of telling someone that I was a smuggler

- As someone that past the exam but found there to be no jobs available at the job fair

- Chancellor elect and became (ashamedly) a member of the Gears and Levers club.

Again, really nice experience!


Thanks so much for your feedback and playing so much! I don't want to spoil too much but you will want to hang onto your quiz answers for the final game. How did you play the game? In browser? On a handheld? You can get to the job fair and explore new paths in the final version. 

Unfortunately playing the demo might exacerbate the experience of having to replay sections of the game but I think that since the game is longer in the final version those parts feel less repetitive. (No one has replayed it more times than I have, haha)

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My pleasure!

I played the browser version. I think that might have made the target shooting and hurdles so weird. Perhaps the Gameboy re-centers the X/Y axis and the web version does not?

Getting to the job fair there was enough of a hint with the puzzle not being available in the demo that it was fine.

The only other weird thing I can remember was in terms of story line. When playing the conveyor belt game that manipulates the worker's quota, if you (intentionally) get a really low score, the union people still complain about working conditions (more work but no extra pay) when their quota has been significantly reduced. And then the factory foreman tells Girt that he has to do at least 5 for his shift.  Perhaps make the minimum for the conveyor belt game that sets the quota be more than the current quota or something similar?  That would fix the union narrative - more work but same pay - and give Girt a reason to side with the union (or get fired and live in a squat and get addicted to Mapota).

Is there any way to win the claw machine, currently?

Really great stuff, overall!

You can win the claw game but like a real claw game it is part skill part luck. Even if you do it right it may take a bunch of tries to pick it up.

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Good to know about the claw machine!

I encountered a soft lock when deciding not to buy the painting. I can't leave the art shop and the owner keeps saying not to talk to him and to look at the painting but the rich guy has already left.

Does the demo offer the option to go to prison? I got Girt arrested but demo ended there on that branch.

Although that does sound like a bug (thanks for spotting it!) you aren't completely stuck because if you wander around there are a couple of other ways to progress. You can't go to prison in the demo. You'll have to get the full game to see more. Thanks for playing!


This is really impressive.

I could imagine fitting a dynamic story such as this in a Gameboy-ROM requires some skills at optimization.

Love the constant pressure you feel when making decisions, and they actually make a difference here.


I finished my first run living in the squat and finally even got kicked out because of my MAPOTA-addiction :D

One could also argue that I might’ve been a WOLF wearing sheep’s clothes, since I was very actively helping the MAWA-party and yet I ended up voting the WOLVES just on a whim.

I was excited and terrified to see if someone will find out my true vote! :D

Really looking forward to the full release!


Thanks for playing! Maybe the Game Boy is far less limiting than people think.


Always love  a Jelter game. FYI - the "view product info" link on the incube8 site currently takes you to D*Fuzed.

Thanks for the heads up! We'll get that fixed. Also thanks for playing :)


Pretty neat


This is awesome! Is the full game going to be available on PC? I wanna play the whole thing

I think that you will be able to play the full game on pc in a Game Boy emulator if you get the digital edition.


Oooo, been keen to give this a suss for a while haha. Nooooice.


Thanks for playing! Been following your stuff too.

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