A quick game that I made over the weekend for Mini Jam 42: SNOW

The constraint for the game was that it could use no more than two colors. I also made it in two days so it's a very binary game!

This game works like a Game Boy game. Here are the controls:

D-pad= WASD/Arrows
A = Alt / Z / J
Start - Enter

It is more of a visual-novel style experience than a game. You can think of this as something that I would have done as a short comic if I had time. I am pretty happy with it artistically but I think that some people might not enjoy the fact that player agency is reduced as part of the narrative. For me this is the main reason that it is interesting but I know that I have sort of eccentric taste.

The following songs appear in the game and are credited to krümel (crumb)#0723 and used under the MIT license.

Sneaking Around- Main Song
Radical Victory- Overnight Jingle
Determined- Morning music
Short Hauntings- Office Music
Slow Death- Board Room Music


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I really enjoyed the narrative and thought it was executed perfectly.


Thanks for playing! I'm really glad you liked it! :)


I tried to be a good person the first time I played, and I wasn't too terribly surprised by the ending. Then, when I played it again and made the most evil choices possible... I mean, I shouldn't have been surprised by what happened, but it still hit hard. Now I kind of want to play it a third time to see what happens if you don't use the bathroom. What a cool game! And l love the music!!


Pretty funny discovering the goal after the game ends the first time. Kinda makes you want to play again.