Tablut is a very old game that I discovered with my brother. At first I was calling it "Viking Chess" but that makes it sound like it would be hard to learn. It's more like Othello where the rules are pretty simple but still add up to a fun strategy game. 

We played a few versions of the game and this one was my favorite. I wanted to share this digital game board so that everyone can have the chance to try it.


You can quickly reset the game with the reset button. (be careful not to hit it accidentally)

If you drag a piece off of the board, it will be deleted. If you do this accidentally, you can click/tap and hold on one of the 3 rings on the right side to generate a new piece and drag it onto the board.

You can move a piece by clicking and dragging it to a new spot. It does not impose the rules of the game on you so much like a real board game, it allows placing pieces anywhere.

The Rules

You can read the rules of the game here:

Note that there are a number of rules that you can choose to play with/without like:

  •  denying the king access back into the center once leaving
  •  requiring the king to reach either the side or the corner to escape
  • requiring 2, 3, or 4 pieces to capture the king

Which rules you choose to play with may differ based on if you are prioritizing game balance or historical accuracy.

This is just a digital gameboard so there is no computer to play against. It's more fun to play with a friend anyway. <3

Android Version

To make this easier to accomplish, I have made an APK that you can install on an android phone or tablet and bring with you to a friend's house.

Playing Online

I think you can also play online with a friend using steam remote play together or certain streaming apps like parsec that let you share controls over a local game.

I hope you like the game as much as I did!


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