A story-driven horror game for Game Boy. Investigate a teacher's murder and deal with the effects of old age. The game features multiple endings based on decisions you make along the way.

Z= Gameboy A button

Arrows to move

Music by Lunchz

Made with GBStudio for Game Boy Showdown


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If you think this is a horror game, it's because you didn't do what the title asked you to. 😉

My Gail had a lovely time with the grand kids! 🥰

Is this a demo? Or it is already the full game?

It's a game jam game so it's the full game but it's short because of the jam time limit. I think it takes maybe 20 minutes to play through?


that was so cool!!

Glad you liked it!

Needs a seizure warning


there is, at the beginning before the game starts


Decline has given me quite a chilling experience during the short time that the game lasted. The graphic level is outstanding and the cryptic story keeps you uncomfortable at all times.

But I think I got the bad ending😅

I love how this game looks. I don't know how powerful GBStudio is, but I know that a lot of the cool effects in this game couldn't have been easy to make. The glitches that occur over images, the art in the cutscenes, and the premise of this game are awesome. I do think the story is a bit all over the place but I really love the direction taken during the endgame emphasizing Granny's decline. 

A lot of really cool ideas here and it was executed incredibly well for the most part!

Thanks for making games!


I had an amazing experience with this game! Very well done!

Really glad you liked it! I'm working on some more updates too.

Nice! Can't wait to see it :)


wow, great graphics and story. Just played one ending. Will keep trying. Nicely done! Been following you since Opossum Country. Hope to see more of your excellent work.

Thanks for the kind words!


Hello game developer, how many endings does this game have?  I've only typed three so far 

There are 4 total


Dang that was cool haha. Great job!


Amazing. Wow!!

Thank you!


Made a video


I enjoyed this game! It's an interesting concept how the beginning sort of tricks you into thinking it will be straightforward as it progressively gets more nonsensical. The combination of the senior officer losing her grip on reality and the arcade plot really leaves it up to the interpretation of the player on whether or not the events are actually happening. Great job!


All I wanna do is solve this gosh darn case hahaha but my mind is slowly slipping away from me! Like many have said, the nostalgic style of the game is a breath of fresh air. As soon as I started playing, soo many memories of the awesome experiences I had started to flood in. This game was put together very well! I only feel that the dire situation and amount of info doesn't really fit as a short game. It should be longer and dive so much deeper!

Great Work!

can't skip the credit


Just posting new endings I found in this amazing game.


Another Ending.

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Looks a bad ending.


I am absolutely in awe with this game, it’s such a fun, chaotic, absurd, creepy romp, I never knew what would happen next and I enjoyed all of it right to the last pixel. Gorgeous. I also admire you for writing dialogs that were so authentic to those old school tv horror movies, the drama of it all was amazing. 


I loved playing this game! It was so interesting!



Loved the style of the game and the story with its multiple endings. I especially loved my characters bugged eye expression.


That was as harrowing as it was great - Amazing work :)

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I noticed this problem on gameyob and lameboy (info: this is emulator for 3ds but I get this on r4) when glitch witch appears in the nearly end of the game I'm stuck and I pressed A button and it doesnt works (normally it works on pc I was used visualboyadvance) and I'm sorry for my bad english in this video


Very sorry about that! I know its an annoying bug. I have fixed it now and the fix will be in the updated version after the jam voting is over.


okay, thank you and I also noticed the same problem on my phone and my modded ps vita (emulator plutoboy) and I really love this game, this glitch witch endings and design are fascinating, and this graphic is the best :)


If you want to avoid the bug, the bug is caused by either pressing the A button too fast or holding the A button down for too long. Every time you advance the text, press the A button quickly and release it quickly and then wait a bit before pressing it again and you will not encounter the bug.


thank you for helping me solve this problem, it works and I really fallen in love with this game :D


I love Game Boy horror. You did an amazing job with this. Great work! 



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Loved everything about it especially the replayability aspect! Amazing job! 
I got hooked on this story in the first 30 seconds of gameplay. haha! The atmosphere is so tense, the story is great, and the glitches going after you are so scary.


Really good game with an interesting narrative of combining the story of Polybius and combining it with a Senior Detective story is a crazy good idea that only expands and opens the mystery of the arcade machine.  

Achieving all the endings was interesting as all 4 gave a different feeling to the end of the overall story and how you feel towards Gail. 

Amazing job for a 7-day game jam!


Really love this. Totally blows me away as a Gameboy game. The art is great and I can't even imagine how complicated it must have been to build something like this with the choice-driven narrative during a 7-day game jam. Wow!


Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked it


Gave it my Let's Play, got all 4 endings. Was wondering if getting 'Max points possible' like getting all the school quiz questions right would've lead to a secret ending - - but I assumed not. Great pixel art as usual from you Ben, a solid game especially if it took you a week to make something this great.

The game makes a perfect combination between terror and mystery.

All endings obtained! good job with this game

There's possibly a bug (or some kind of error I'm not aware of that I did) where after I beat the game once and got to the 'ending' again, it didn't let me hit Z to continue the dialogue and no matter how long I waited or hit Z it'd not proceed through the last dialogue. Either that or it was because I was hitting Z too fast/too many times. I had to refresh the browser to reset and it didn't happen again.


Yeah thats a bug unfortunately! I'll fix it in the 1.1 version after the jam voting is over. Thanks so much for playing! I liked your video a lot.


Not a problem, I enjoy the gameboy aesthetics you're able to pull off in your games. Unique and expressive like Lumpy Touch quality levels.



Great games love the GB visuals. Really inventive way of making the glitches match up to dementia, it caught me when I was reading the text and I was wondering what was happening to the dialogue.

Loved the open endings the player can take, you really managed to create a nice variation in the paths the player can take.

I liked the game. It reminded me a lot of the same investigative streak as Opossum Country. Congratulations on your game, keep it up man.

This was so good. Love these gameboy games. 

The fact this could work on a real game boy is absolutely impressive.

Good game


Thanks a lot for joining the jam and making such a fantastic game in only 7 days!
I have seen two endings yet and I will absolutely play this again!

Thanks so much for running the jam!

Very nice work as usual! ✨

I always find the atmosphere and storytelling in your games captivating.

BTW I found an actual bug / a trigger you forgot to disable.

When entering the school for the first time you can talk to the kid even though he’s invisible.

I noticed that when I was trying to examine the sink. 🚰👀


Thanks for pointing that out! I'll be sure to fix it. It trips me up a little that in the last version of gbstudio interacting with hidden actors wasn't possible so I forgot to disable the collision when hiding him.

is the warning screen supposed to be bugging out if you leave it for 20 seconds?

Hi there, I am DragonExplosion and I am a Youtuber. If you like my videos, please leave a like and subscribe at my channel.

This was a really cool and mind-boggling horror game about the main character who is an old yet experienced detective, trying to solve an interesting case. The aesthetics of the game was amazing and I like that the character face matches with the actual character design(the character design when moving around the map). The story is really mind-boggling as it really makes the player question whether the main character is actually mentally declining or the main character is accurate in her deduction and perception of the case. I liked how the revival process involves solving a kind of complicated maze and that the glitch witch is actually not as horrifying as everything that is happening around the main character, her family and her supervisor. 

Some issues that I had with the game was the pacing of the game, I felt that it could be quicker near the end of the game where grabbing arcade coins and heading back to the arcade multiple times felt more like a chore for me for some reason but to be honest, it could be just me. 

Other than that, I am really curious about whether there is a good ending for the game. (I guess retiring early is considered a good ending) However, is there a good ending where the main character survives through the investigation of the case? 

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.

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