A story-driven horror game for Game Boy. Investigate a suspicious trailer park and uncover its secret horrors.

KeyboardGame Boy

Art & Game Design by Ben Jelter

Story & Dialog by Dana Jennings & Ben Jelter

Music by Lunchz

Made with GBStudio for Scream FM Jam


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Opossum Country.gbc 512 kB


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Highlight for me was the creepy character design - from looking at your art it looks like this is your specialty! Overall though, great work from your whole team: music, dialogue, story, art. I replayed to see if I could get a 2nd ending at the end by not shooting, alas no. In round 2 I was speed running and somehow initiated a bug where I teleported behind the log without the chainsaw, and could not progress - not sure if this is something that can be fixed. Anyway, looking forward to more games from you.


I've got a few other games here on my itch page if you didnt see them yet. (Various levels of quality, haha) https://benjelter.itch.io/

Glad you liked it! I'll look for the bug you mentioned.



So I see why some one said Outlast the comparsion is to the second one with the tower. 

I decided to do an abandoned radio tower in this game because it was originally done for a game jam called 'ScreamFM' and the theme was a 'signal' The main inspiration was a radio tower at the edge of the woods that I used to explore when I was a kid. I'm not surprised that old radio towers have been used in other horror games. They are imposing shapes!


Really nice and unique game, you got the inspiration from outlast tho, right?

I've never played outlast. Out of curiosity, what are the similarities?


I love this game, is there a follow up i haven't found yet? If not please make one, or update this game

This is all I've got so far but i am working on another much larger game called 'The Machine' so stay tuned :)


Loved this, feels like Twin Peaks, the GBC game.

Hey how did you get that color in GB Studio?


I'm not sure which color you mean but gbstudio 2.0 has basically got support for full color with a few technical limitations.

Thank you so much. I love your game. I was using the old GBStudio version

I think they will release an even newer version soon! 3.0!
It's just around the corner.


Been playing with the Alpha of 3 from his GitHub, its great! now I can have more animation frames in my sprites!


i got curious to know more about what is going on in that trailer park, great game


This was great! Like a small-scale Silent Hill.


Had a ton of fun playing through this one. I really enjoyed the simplicity and different characters of the game. The twist at the end, while not making me feel bad in any way, did catch me off-guard. I wish there was more because I really  wanna know more about the 'transformation' stuff. Here's my playthrough if interested:

Thanks for making games!

I've enjoyed this throughly!


love the music 


Very creepy, with great music 馃憤

A fun retro Game Boy style  short horror adventure with a nice creepy vibe definitely recommend playing.

satisfying to get the shooting down. But I would have liked to turn delivery guy into a possum to.

Cool game.




very nice!!<3


that was a great game fairly easy but fun


damn what a cheap game cant even play

Very Well built game

I like it. 10/10

amazing game !! only one ending tho which is sad.. i wish it was longer :( 

would 100% pay for another chapter tbh

it feels just like a gameboy, but i wish it was a bit longer, it had a great stor


this art style is insanely good

Not bad. but who tf ordered this food?

really col game, but the end was kind of sad, ngl

it doenst work


great game!!! It was for me like playing again with my old game boy! THIS IS my Italian gameplay, first Italian gameplay on youtube

i cant do it

So I can definitively say that there is only one ending. I made it to the end without killing anything, but then I had no choice but to fire as it's a guaranteed death. The game is fun, but the message is kind of strange seeing as we the players had literally no choice but to defend ourselves.

damn, how long did you play for to confirm that

Not long. I think that it took me about 10 minutes of just waiting for the rats to move around and make a safe path. Their random patterns made it a pain.

10 minutes?

thats long, for me atleast, i dont have much patience in single player games, but im really good in multiplayer games

Nice game

(1 edit) (+1)

I had a blast with this all the way through! The game got a real nice adventure-game feel to it, with a twist of psychological thriller that hit the spot perfectly! And that ending.. Hah! Wow!!

I really wish it was a lot longer tho.. Maybe make another chapter to the story?


...the backroom...

Wild. Very cool!


Lovely game. Loved the FPS sections, as well as the ending


That's awesome to hear because those are the most often criticized parts too. I guess it's partly up to taste.


Lol played this on my ps5 controller


nice game i really liked it :)))))

Is there only one ending?

yeah, you cant pacifist run it because the girl kills you if you dont shoot.


Very Lovely Experience. I would love to see a possible sequel to this as strange as the story is I was really intrigued by it. Keep up the great work !!

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