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Wow ! I like it


Great Art! looks amazing, and gripping story. Love it!


Hey! I'm playing from Brazil and mann this is soo fire I really enjoy, the horror here is grateful and the OST is soo good, rly creeps me out, tysm for sharing your art!

I played this yesterday, and I liked it. Very nice art and an interesting storyline. It's like a short story told around a summer campfire... Thanks for the emotions, and keep doing this!

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Hey thanks for taking down the listing. I didn't ever release Opossum Country on a cartridge because it's a very short game so that seemed kind of wasteful to me. Instead I have made two other longer horror games and will be publishing a horror pack with Incube8 games. 

I will keep that in mind that you can make cartridges though!

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Fourth in the line up. I'm a sucker for game boy horror. And having spent a bit of time shuffling pizza from a to b for a living this had a little bit bleed over for me. A simple tight story, which has that weird fiction thing going on.  Definitely a worth while trip. Best played blind though. Good work keep it up.
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It's a pretty good game!

 - Decent OST

- Decent and pretty interesting story

 - Nice Graphics


 None really I guess, It's short so you should defo give it a try ^^

good game, funny story, i know a place called Possum Grape 


amazing work !! reminded me of  carton network "regular show" story's  especially the skunk EP


a real treat! Thank you so much for sharing!

The real crime is that you probably never got paid...

And his car got wrecked


The atmosphere was great and the pacing was perfect, I think this short length was just right to tell a sharp story. Thanks for sharing!


Nice one!

Short and to the point. I like the atmosphere.

I'm glad i didn't play this game as a child when i had a gameboy. Interesting story and art style but i didn't hat fear while playing so i don't if that was a horror game or not.

Very good game, although the twist was predictable there are a lot of questions left unanswered. For example, do all people in this world have….Would be nice if there was an explanation of the process/more info post credits. Overall, very good game! Bravo to you and the team!

I loved this, the artwork and atmosphere were so well done. I just wish it was longer!

thoroughly enjoyed this. i liked the ending even tho it was emotional for me :]


This was really fun to play! I never had a Gameboy Color(I'm old enough that I had an original Gameboy brick though 😂) but I really loved this style of game play. I also enjoyed the story, the atmosphere, and seeing Roy's "transformation" was so cool.

Excellent GBC horror game! I was really taken by surprise with this one. That ending is so good!

Thank you! :)

Really amazing, honestly the coolest GB horror game I've played. Like other Jelter games, though, I just wish it was longer. If this game was longer and more fleshed out, it would probably be top 5 favorite GB games of all time. I also really appreciate that you make all your games playable on actual hardware!

good game! the pacing felt a bit quick, and I thought the ending came a little too soon, but i enjoyed the concept and the pixel art

cliff hanger

Great game!

wow that was incredible!



este jogo me lembrou "ratos nas paredes" de H.P Lovecraft,  amei o jogo <3

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Great stuff. Really liked the pixel art too.


i could never finish this game but i did and it was good actually it is awsome!


I WANT MORE give me more plz

Great game! Short and instigating.

Great game to finish in one short session. The final was awesome, didn't expect it to turn this way 


The scene with Bill legit makes me so sad, I wish there was some good ending. Possibly a way to avoid the young girl attacking the pizza guy. It just genuinly is heartbreaking how he's so honestly upset and distrought about the death of one of his people. It really shows how things aren't as they seem though. Very well done, It's a good play and i'd love to see your work get noticed!!!

i feel so bad about killing the possums :(

Man, I donwloaded to play in my handheld emulator before sleeping, at some point I was really scared, especially the tall man. Congrats, its a really good terror game. I didn't even know you could do those shoot scenes in a game boy, I imagine how difficult it was


This is really cool! Do you mind if I ask how you did the possum shooting scenes? Are they point-and click-scenes with a cursor? I'd like to do a similar thing with sniping sections in my Halo demake for GBC.


This was originally created in gb studio 2.0 so it was done with timers in a point and click scene like you said. I think that there's better methods though. In GBS 3.1 there are for example big sprites. In this when the possum gets bigger I had to move a whole bunch of sprites at the same time and it was really hard to stop them from glitching out.

Great GB game! But why can't I talk to the first man when I got a bottle of water?

I think you need to fill it at the well

I did fill it, but I can not talk to the man anymore, maybe I should try it again in the other day.


Include Opossum Country at the beginning of this vid on horror themed games


amazing work loved this game


Pretty ambitious project for the Gameboy!


Loved this short, creepy mystery! Some of the language early on hints at the general outcome, but I was NOT prepared for that ending! 

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